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Company History


Great Lakes Premium Barks and Mulches, a division of Great Lakes Wood Products Inc. is one of Ontario’s largest and well known Bark and Wood Mulch Manufactures.


With over 20 year’s experience, we understand the need for a quality product, at a competitive price and delivered on time every time. Our promise to provide you with Premium products has been our long standing commitment.


Our Great Lakes Premium Mulches bring an exciting new aesthetic dimension to any garden or landscape project.   Our Premium mulches are made from recycled clean wood mixture, which is hand sorted, double ground and screened to ensure product consistency and superior water absorption.


The mulches are coloured with iron-oxide water based dyes in a variety of colours which are all natural, environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children.  These dyes have superior colour holding capacity which ensures your colour stays in your garden.  


An added advantage to our Great Lakes Premium Mulches is our Time Flow H20 conditioning. Made from plant derived ingredients this is added directly to the dye mixture improving the water retention of the wood mulch. You now have the increased value of moisture retention, improved water distribution to you gardens and less overall maintenance.   


GLPBM produces Premium Wood and Bark Mulches at a competitive price. There is no sacrificing quality.  Our years of experience in the marketplace allow us to control our costs and share these savings with our distributors.


Finally, GLPBM has an established reputation for on time service, insuring you have the material you need when you need it.


Operating our own delivery equipment allows us to have far greater control over scheduling, make emergency adjustments when needed and guarantee we will be there the day we say we will be there. 


Great Lakes Premium Mulches offer a decorative yet beneficial advantage to any landscape project.  While providing an aesthetically pleasing ground cover that enhances plant and tree growth, it also helps to eliminate weeds and adds nutrients to your soil as the mulch breaks down and decomposes.   Our Great Lakes Premium Mulches are the ONLY screened mulches in Ontario with the Time Flow H20 Water advantage.  


GLPBM is committed to equal employment opportunities for all, including those with disabilities.  As an equal opportunity employer, GLPBM also strives to provide employees with an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment.
For employment opportunities, please contact our office.


Premium Products, Competitive Rates, Guaranteed Service, We’ve got you covered!  


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