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Mobile Grinding


Great Lakes Wood Products has been providing Mobile Grinding Services for over 25 years. 

With clients that include Municipalities, Commercial and Privately Owned properties, there are no projects too large for Great Lakes Wood Products. 

Great Lakes Wood Products owns and operates two Heavy Duty industrial Mobile grinders, the “Tub” grinders are capable of grinding and reducing a wide range of source materials. 

Regardless of location, being Mobile means no project is out of reach! 

Great Lakes Wood Products also owns and operates Excavators, Front End Loaders and a series of Walking Floor or Self Unloading Trailers that complement the Grinding Process.

There is no need to have several vendors to complete your project. From Grinding to Loading to Transportation, Great Lakes Wood Products can be your single source partner.  

Our clients have the option of leaving the processed material on site if there is a need, or having Great Lakes Wood Products Load and Transport all materials to an environmentally safe location, diverting landfill use. 

Great Lakes Wood Products also accepts a variety of wood materials at either of our two sites located in South Western Ontario. Acceptable materials include brush, untreated wood, scrap lumber, pallets and

With experienced staff, a commitment to safety and a reputation for quality work, from start to finish, you can depend on Great Lakes Wood Products to complete your Grinding Projects on time and on budget. 


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