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Transportation of Great Lakes Premium Mulches


Great Lakes are proud to own and operate the walking floor trailers for all deliveries of our Premium mulch products.  This allows us efficiencies in control and guarantees that our products will arrive to you when you need them, with no reliance on outside contracted delivery companies.  We can adapt to our customers delivery needs by providing flexible delivery outside regular business hours to not disrupt business if needed.  Great Lakes trailers are MTO certified by our own mechanics which ensures no trailer failures and possible disruptions to deliveries.  


Walking Floor Trailer


Walking Floor Trailers are used to deliver our Great Lakes Premium TM products to ensure quick delivery (approx. 15 minutes to offload a full 13.6 metre trailer) using less manpower, equipment and time than by using other methods.


How does it work?


The moving floor is a hydraulically-driven floor conveyance system for moving material.  It eliminates the need for forklift or the use of a tilting trailer to off load loose mulch.  


The floor is divided into three sets of narrow floor slats.  The hydraulics move the slats forward and backward in unison.  When this movement happens the material is moved in the direction the operator wants it to go...whether loading or unloading.


Benefits to our Customers


The use of walking floor trailers ensure that when we deliver your load; nothing is left behind in our truck.  We guarantee that what you purchase is the amount you get.  


As well, the walking trailer allows us to get the load far into your bins without the need for further work from your staff to push or move around that typically happens if being dumped by a tilt trailer or dump truck.




Our walking floor trailers have a load capacity of 145 cubic yards and floor speed is up to 12 feet/minute.


Great Lakes Commitment


Great Lake’s is committed to quick, smooth, hassle free delivery of its Premium Mulch products.  



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